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Making process

Green Tea processing, simple fixing, rolling and drying is divided into three steps, the key lies in the first step of the beginning of the system, namely, fixing. The fresh leaves are characterized by the inactivation of enzymes, the inactivation of enzymes, and the various chemical constituents contained in them. Basically, the physicochemical properties of green tea are formed by the physical and chemical changes under the influence of no enzyme.



It plays a decisive role in the quality of green tea. Through the high temperature damage characteristics of fresh leaf enzyme, stop to prevent the oxidation of polyphenols, leaves are red; while some water evaporation leaves, the leaves become soft, and create conditions for the rolling shape. With the evaporation of water, the aroma of low boiling aromatic substances in leaves of fresh leaves evaporates and disappears, thus improving the aroma of tea. In addition to special tea, the process is carried out in the finishing machine. The factors affecting the quality include temperature, leaf quantity, type, time and way of fixing. They are a whole, and they are implicated in each other.



Rolling is a process Green Tea shape. By making use of external force, the leaves are rubbed and broken, light, rolled into strips, and the volume is reduced and easy to brew. At the same time, some tea juice is crowded and attached to the leaf surface, which plays an important role in improving the tea taste concentration. Rolling process of cold rolling and heat Green Tea rub points. The so-called cold rub, namely after cooling after rolling kill leaves; heat massage is not the tea leaves cool and hot rolled out. The leaves should be cold knead to keep green and bright green leaves in the soup bottom, old leaves should be hot to knead a tight knot cord, reduce. At present, still use manual operation from tea, the bulk Green Tea rolling operation has realized mechanization.



The purpose of drying, evaporation, and finishing appearance, give full play to tea. Drying method has three forms: drying, frying, drying and drying. Green tea drying process, generally drying first, and then fry. Because of the tea after rolling, the water content is very high, if the direct roasting, frying machine in the pot soon into a mass, easy to bond tea pot wall. Therefore, the first drying of tea, so that water content to meet the requirements of frying pan.

Green Tea 

White tea making process

    The traditional white tea processing not only will not stir knead, delicate, full of tea leaf hairs or dried gently drying, and make the white hair intact. The basic process includes withering and baking (or dried), picking tick, fire and other complex processes. Withering is the key process of the formation of white tea quality. White tea has the shape of the bud is complete, with Phi cents, fragrant fresh soup, green and clear, the taste quality of light back to Gan features. It's slightly fermented tea.


China Guizhou white tea tea because of the natural variation, tea shoots in the year before and after Tomb-sweeping Day, germination temperature, resulting in the condition of 23 DEG C, whitening, a white jade. Albino picking fresh leaves, the stalls, fixing, sorting, drying and Titian processing process, Green Tea belongs to the special category, different from the general white tea with white hair, is the tea in China's special treasures.

Withering into indoor heated withering and outdoor daylight withering two. Withering degree, requires fresh tip lose luster, soft leaves stem break, leaf vein is transparent to.


The early days of People's Republic of China were tea with feet. In 50s the structure of double hydraulic rolling iron Jue tea machine. To 60s, the rolling process is improved, the 55 type electric iron rolling machine, improve the efficiency of tea. When rolling to make tea juice outflow, leaf strips can be rolled.


The rolling good tea embryo in a basket, slightly compressed, cloth covered with warm water soaking fermentation, fermentation to increase leaf temperature and humidity, promote enzyme activity, shorten the fermentation time, usually 5 to 6 hours after the leaf is red brown, can be baked dry.


The moderate fermentation of tea even collected in the water on the screen, each screen about spreading from 2 to 2.5 kilograms, and then placed on the hanger water screen, with pure pine wood (wet combustion, so a little better) Black Tea has a unique flavor of pure pine. Just when baking, the fire temperature is higher, usually at about 80 degrees, the temperature is mainly to stop the enzyme role, to prevent enzyme activities caused by excessive fermentation, the bottom of the leaf is dark and not carried out. Baking generally use a drying method, should not flip, so as not to affect the uneven drying, resulting in dry inside wet, generally in 6 hours can be baked, mainly depending on the size of the fire. Generally baked to tentacles, a sense of thorn, grinds into powder, dryness reached, and then cool.


Tea is a kind of easily absorb moisture substances, before the sale of the fire must be repeated to retain its endoplasmic, water content is not more than 8%

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