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2017/06/15 13:15
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First, the applicant through Zhengan Pu your tea industry development department joined joined the advisory program, understand the company requirements, to set a new standard and condition.
Two, applicants to join Zhengan Pu your tea industry development department submit the following documents.
1. "Zhengan Pu your application to join the tea table";
2. photocopy of applicant's identity card;
Location map of 3. preselected stores; plan pre store; store the preselected photos of streets; primary storefront and in store photos.
4., join the market, tea industry status and consumer demand assessment.
Three, Zhengan Pu your tea industry development department to review and sign an opinion, according to the company agreed to unified reply within seven working days whether to join.
Four, by joining the development department approved and signed a formal contract, after the implementation of the contract procedures, franchisees under the guidance of planning personnel, according to the unified terminal visual standard decoration shop.
Five, store decoration, the Zhengan Pu your tea industry planning department after acceptance, Party permission management; unqualified rectification.
Six, Zhengan Pu your tea industry limited company issued a variety of certification and certificate of honor, franchising business.
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