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2017/06/15 13:15
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 Before 2012, the scale of investment in fixed assets or new technology in more than 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan of the following processing enterprises, a one-time subsidy of 200 thousand yuan; 2 million yuan processing enterprises 4 million yuan, a one-time subsidy of 300 thousand yuan, 4 million yuan investment processing enterprises, a one-time subsidy of 400 thousand yuan.

New processing enterprises with fixed assets investment of more than 50 million yuan shall adopt the policy of "one enterprise, one enterprise". Promotion of complete sets of famous tea machinery, where the purchase of national agricultural subsidies included in the list of tea production and processing machinery, the county level by 15% subsidies.
A unified marketing model, easy to operate, quick results;
Perfect training mechanism to deliver excellent sales talents and develop quickly;
Production, scale, professional production, low cost;
Good preparation mechanism, let you worry free.
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